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History Of Making English Into A Global Language

If you often see news or movies using more English, this does not mean you are being scolded by America or the United Kingdom. This has become a daily consumption for all people in the world because English is the main language used in communicating globally. If you want to know your English skills, you can do british life skills and if you get good results, try the next step.

Have you ever heard the term “Global English”? English is touted as a global language and is known to the world or internationally. What is the reason behind English being the world’s favorite language?

Yet to become proficient is very difficult especially for some countries that do not use English as a primary or secondary language, right?

Why isn’t Mandarin crowned a global language? Though Mandarin is widely used in the world, especially by the population of China more than 2 billion people.

Based on one website, Mandarin ranks first as the most widely used language. Whereas English ranks third after Spain. So, why isn’t Mandarin used internationally? Why does it have to be English? It has to do with history, man. English is the official language of the United Kingdom (England). The British are both explorers and invaders. Long ago in the 18th to 19th centuries, the British state had a strong position in various fields in the world.

British influence was very dominant at that time. In fact, Britain has 90 colonies spread throughout the world. The formation of the Industrial Revolution became a means for Britain to control the economy, technology, world trade.
Because of its strength, English is able to spread its national language. Making English the main introduction throughout the world. In fact, many countries of the former British colony make it their official language, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand, etc.

So, it’s no wonder why English is known worldwide. What is the reason for learning English to force you to be more enthusiastic? Think about the importance of learning English for your future.