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Reasons Why Email Marketing Bounce

When you have done everything like you design a campaign, create a newsletter, then send it and then when you check the email report, you see that the email was not sent or it is often called a bounce email. If so, that means your email has never reached the desired recipient’s inbox. If your account has a high bounce amount, this could harm your shipping percentage. So it is strongly recommended to clean up the reflected email addresses when needed with the help of email verification service. With this, you could reduce the soft and hard bounce and your email marketing will be delivered to your customer.

There are many reasons why your email is bounce and the most common is missing email address. If the information that appears on the bounce e-mail is “non-existent e-mail address”, then the e-mail address is likely a typo or the person who has the e-mail address has closed the e-mail. There is also the possibility that the contact will provide a fake email address, for example, if you offer something online by asking for an email address as a condition. In this case, it is important to review contacts like this and see if there are typos in the email address. If not, try reaching them with other means to reconfirm their email address. If the information in the reflected email is undeliverable, that means the recipient’s email server is temporarily unavailable, overloaded, or cannot be found. A server that cannot be found is likely to be damaged or is being repaired, so if this is the case you usually only need to wait and send the email back to the destination address. However, if this email address repeatedly reflects multiple emails sent, it means that the server is no longer functioning.

If your customer receives so many emails in their inbox that they can no longer receive incoming emails, then your email will be reflected until there is free space in the inbox. Sometimes, this can mean the person is no longer using the email address. Just like an email address that does not exist, you can follow up with the contact by phone or letter to determine whether the email address is valid or not.