The Danger of Legal Drugs

Many people understand addiction as something that will only happen to poor, uneducated or simply immoral person but that could only prevent the person suffer it from getting help from a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. The media also not much help to shine the light of the issue, that the knowledge of the illness might save someone’s life. Society thinks that addiction or substance abuse caused by illegal drugs when in fact most of the cases are alcohol-that you could get anywhere, and legal, prescribed drugs. This is important to understand so we could see from a different perspective that an addict is not only a criminal and immoral person that have to be punished, it could happen to anyone including our loved ones.

Adderall is one of the most common causes of a legal drug addiction yet many people choose to ignore the truth and shun the people addicted to this drug. This drug is widely used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. Being a legal drug does not make Adderall works differently from heroin or other substances because they work by ‘tricking’ the brain to make the user feel euphoric and blissful by releasing neurotransmitter to cause such sensations. Adderall is a popular drug among students to help them stay up the night on exam weeks and the misuse of this particular substance could lead to addiction. In short, the danger of Adderall and heroin is the same and what difference is how we perceive them. This misconception needs to change because any substance abuse, legal or illegal, would harm everyone on its path. That is why it is really important to understand the danger and the symptoms of substance abuse. The best thing you could do is call a treatment center to make sure your loved ones get the help they needed before it gets worse.

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