You Must Consider These Things When You Clean Your Watches

Men and women often use watches in all their activities. Watches can be a complement to their appearance. The selection of a watch must be in accordance with your own character. For men, they usually choose a watch that suits their type of activity. They usually buy mens watches for men.

Another thing that must also be considered is the cleanliness of the watch. You can clean your watch by paying attention to these two things.

Clean the watch strap
You usually use your watch for a long time. You have to clean it regularly so you don’t get irritation to your hands. But, the watch strap must be cleaned according to the material used.

Rubber or plastic
For watches that use rubber straps, how to clean them is very easy, You can use soap and you can brush it slowly. You have to use a kevil brush so that all the dirt can be lost. It does not cause mold and odor. Then dry it immediately.

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