The Importance Of Car Detailing

The importance of car detailing depends on the perspective of the car owner. Some typical people think the car is only a means of transportation, usually tend not to care about car detailing. But some typical people are very concerned with the appearance of the car. Do not want to be dirty, do not want to beret, must always be clean, well, this type is usually concerned with car detailing. Well, if you want to do car maintenance, you can try mobile detailing orlando.

Car detailing is a solution for vehicle maintenance, which indirectly reflects the owner’s self. For example, if you see a very dirty vehicle, then there is an assumption that the owner is unclean or doesn’t care about neatness.

Conversely, if we meet people who have clean cars and are very well maintained, then we will immediately give a good assessment of him.

For the period of car detailing, it depends on the daily use and maintenance of the car. Usually for full detailing work (all sectors of the car) plus wax ranging from 3-5 months or it is felt that it is necessary to do maintenance again (it could be more than 5 months). Then it’s best to do maintenance again in the same workshop.

However, now there is a paint protection technology that is very popular in the world, namely Nano Ceramic Coating which is a layer that protects and protects vehicle paint much better than wax. Usually it will last longer, full detailing with ceramic coating will last up to 1-2 years.

Even I have several customers who have been almost 3 years. But you should have to do maintenance every 6 months or deemed necessary.

FYI, for full detailing work, we do the whole covering the exterior, interior, engine area, undercarriage (under the car), and each part is done through several stages.

While special care and treatment after the procession of detailing, several aspects need attention. First, park the car in a location that is not directly exposed to sun and rain. Then wash the vehicle in the cold (before use), do not wash in the sun.

The correct way to wash is to use a hose of running water, while rinsing using your bare hands (rubbed slowly, do not press). After that, dry with a good quality chamois and microfiber cloth. Another note, avoid parking the car under the gummy tree, because it can cause permanent defects on the surface of the paint.

If you look at the supercar body design has a large aerodynamic side, many folds and angular parts. So the level of workmanship is more difficult, requires concentration, and takes longer work time than an ordinary car.

Oh yes, the safety of detailing equipment on the surface of the car paint, depends on who uses it. Instead, choose a professional car detailing workshop. Can be marked from flight hours, also the level of complaint or other customer satisfaction at the workshop.

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