Modifying The BMW Car’s Computer Might Void The Car Warranty

In the midst of this modern era, many cars use various advanced technologies, one of which is a turbocharger. The goal is to provide exceptional engine power and can make the car become more fuel-efficient. This is done by many car companies for the entire lineup of cars, one of which is BMW. The installation of this turbo also helps the modifiers who want to increase the power of the car to be firmer but do not need a lot of hassle to crack the car. But only tuning on the machine via the ECU settings. However, that does not mean the modifiers also forget the car warranty. Meanwhile, if you want to extend your car’s warranty, perhaps you need to check out the best car warranty company near your area.

So what if the modifier changes the computer system?

Of course, it can abort the warranty so that if there is damage then the consumer must replace the damaged component without being borne by BMW.

Even if consumers still avoid being dishonest about what has been modified can also be known. It’s because BMW now has a tool that is unknown to consumers to read the ECU in detail.

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