This Is How To Maintain The Solar-Powered Water Heater

Maintenance of solar-powered water heaters can be done with cleaning steps that are very easy to do. Always clean the heater periodically to make the solar water heater avoid any damage. The distribution process of warm water will be smooth. Apart from that, you can call the air conditioning repair columbia sc when your water heater is broken.

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Here are some steps in cleaning solar water heaters:

Clean the outside heater

Cleaning can be used as a way to repair solar water heaters that are fussy. Usually, the dirty conditions on the outside make the heating of the water become obstructed. For that, cleaning the outside heater should be done regularly. What is meant by the outside of a solar water heater is a collector’s panel that needs to be cleaned of dust and other impurities. That way, heat absorption in this collector’s panel can occur more optimally.

Clean the inner heater

In addition to cleaning the outside of the solar water heater, the interior must also be cleaned periodically with the following steps:

Disconnect electrical connectivity so that no accidents are caused by electric current when draining.
Close the faucet at the inlet.
Open all hubcaps during draining.
The fourth stage, drying the collector’s panel in a period of 1 to 2 hours so that its function can run optimally for the process of capturing solar heat and heating water.

How it works solar water heaters can run smoothly and maximally if the conditions of all components are normal. There are a few tips that can be done as follows:

Check safety valve periodically

The first tip is to do periodic checks on the safety valve. The safety valve is a safety component of excessive pressure that is applied to the water heater tank. This component serves to maintain temperature stability at all times so that no blockages occur. The process of spreading water can run smoothly.

Ensure the condition of water lime

Always check the level of water chalk conditions on the solar water heater. If the water lime level is high, immediately drain it so that no crust appears on the water heater tank.

Perform periodic cleaning

As explained in the previous review, periodically clean the outside or inner water heater.

Install anti-contact

Finally, don’t forget to install anti-contact.

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